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Join the dots to make the shapes and reveal the picture in this wonderful adaptation of the classic game, designed to help teach the alphabet and numbers in a way your child will love. With 8 varied themes from night safari to an enchanted fairytale land, they will discover a host of cute characters, interesting animals, even dinosaurs and space rockets!While this fun puzzle game is designed so small children can play, you can simplify it even more for the preschoolers using the parent options. Just tap the corners of the screen clockwise to open the hidden options, and there you can choose letters or numbers, and the difficulty settings. For example setting it to 'Numbers' and 'Easy' makes it just right for preschoolers who are learning to count and recognise numbers. Full multi-touch support allows for stray fingers on the screen, or even brothers and sisters joining in!
Features• 8 varied themes with 12 creatures, characters or vehicles to find.• Join the dots to reveal the picture, then pop the bubbles to collect the stars!• Parent-only settings to make it easier for even the very youngest to play• Seamless multitouch, allowing little ones to play together happily• No adverts, in-game purchases, browser links, or special permissions needed!
With over 90 delightful illustrations, your child will love finding the next number or letter in the sequence. Three difficulty levels let you concentrate on counting and recognising numbers, and even older children should find the hard levels a fun challenge. Find the dinosaurs, hear the boat horn, and see who's down in the deep dark woods... letters and numbers have never been so much fun!
Made by Dads, tested by small children.
About Code DadsHere at Code Dads our goal is simple - to make fun & safe games that our own kids will love. We are award winning professional games developers & graphic designers with a passion for writing games, and we hope your kids love them as much as ours do!